About us

Welcome to The Type!

We’re a small, independent journal on a mission to collect, curate, and share some of the best poetry out there today. A few times a year, we put out a call for submissions under a particular theme – what you do with that theme as a writer is totally up to you. We just want to read words that move us, and that’ll move others too.

Meet the team

Kelly Dent, Founding Editor

Kelly Dent is half Maltese, half English, and completely obsessed with language and literature. As Founding Editor at The Type, Kelly does a little bit of everything, from preparing the Call for Submissions and handling our social media presence to reviewing entries, designing visuals, planning the content for each issue, and doing PR on behalf of the journal. She also runs her own book blog, and is a professional writer and editor with nearly 10 years’ experience in the industry.

BA (Hons) English, University of Malta

MA Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism, University of Malta

Christa Boffa, Co-Editor

Christa Boffa is a Maltese creative based in Florence, Italy, where she writes and illustrates her own poetry in three languages: Maltese, English, and Italian. With more than six years’ experience in content creation, and her combined passion for poetry and literature, Christa doesn’t just Co-Edit The Type; on any given day, you’ll find her working on a range of projects including social media management, submission review, liaising with authors, and taking care of our website.

BA (Hons) Maltese, University of Malta

Postgraduate Diploma in Conference Interpreting, University of Malta

I have nature and art and poetry,

and if that is not enough, what is enough?

Vincent van Gogh